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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my septic tank be pumped?

On average, every 2-4 years. It depends on usage, garbage disposal usage, number of occupants, etc. We recommend every 3 years until a pattern can be determined.

Should I use Rid-X?

Tank additives can't hurt a system, but results vary. We recommend Lenzyme products. If someone in the house is on chemo or high strength antibiotics, that can kill beneficial bacteria. Supplemental bacteria should be added to the septic system.

I currently use "Company XYZ" for septic maintenance. Can I switch to you?

Yes, we will happily provide the state mandated and manufacturer recommended semi-annual service on your septic system.

Are garbage disposals okay?

With very limited use. Disposals add a lot of organic matter, that is not pre-digested, to a septic tank. This results in the need for more frequent tank pumping.

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